Hands Up

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." - R. Reagan


 A STRONG support team is important.

Having people to share the struggle with has a way of alleviating the stress of experiencing the journey alone. As a Warrior, talk to other Warriors and you will be surprised of the bond that develops. Sharing experiences and meeting others with SCD is a great outlet; it makes a great foundation for a support system. 

Warriors, do NOT let dealing with a chronic illness consume you! We at Sickle Circle are always a call, email, DM, IM or text away. Social Services, Advice Centres and Sickle Cell Groups can also be contacted for support.

You do not have to have SCD to be part of the "Sickle Circle". Caring for someone with Sickle Cell is not an easy task, but you do it.  The amazing love shown and given goes a long way. We know you have questions and sometimes need help in dealing with it all; we at Sickle Circle are here for you too. Contact us and we will be glad to assist you.